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A Keyboard Mind: Hollis Frampton's Gloria! as Lyric Poem
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'When a Living Strand Couples with a Dormant Stem' review of Trevor Joyce, The Irish Review, (2016)


'Wear Out the Desk With Risk After Risk' review of Frances Leviston & Peter Sirr, Poetry Ireland Review 115 (2015)


For Whom? - The heart of public art is relational, but what is a public?

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Alterity Begins at Home
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Editors at POETRY discuss my poem 'Happy Valley'

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Belinda McKeon on Staircase Poems in Beyond Chronicle: The Deceptive Realism of John McGahern's Fiction


Irish Times Review 9/15/2009

Colin Graham, “Judicious Irony” in Visual Artists’ Newsheet 12/2008